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Africa Air Tours, Discover Africa

Africa, the mysterious continent, beckons you with all
its wildness and splendor. Come with us and feel
the rythm of its land. Share in the beauty of its

Celebrate with us on our voyages of discovery
and unlock the africa of your wildest dreams.

Africa's vastness and diverse attractions can
only be fully explored by our specialized tours.
More than three times larger than Europe or the
USA, Africa offers a breathtaking range of attractions,
which are best discovered by air, and away from conventional routes.

Classic prop-liners are ideal for exploring Africa's scenic wonders at
low altitude. Comfortably cruising above a coastline, river or mountain
pass, your journey becomes as enjoyable as your destination.
Migrating herds of elephant, rolling bushveld, towering mountain ranges,
sand dunes, rivers, islands and geological features are all spectacularly
revealed at low altitude.

Based at historic Rand Airport near Johannesburg, South Africa, we cater for discerning adventurers who want a no-compromise African experience. We provide for all your needs - from propliner and ground transportation, to accommodation and excursions.

Our destinations and activities can be customised to meet the needs of any group - whether fact-finding or study, special interest, exploration or vacation.