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Springbok Classic Air Newsletter


About Us

We are a full-service luxury adventure travel company providing classic propliner voyages throughout Africa, Europe and beyond.

Based at historic Rand Airport near Johannesburg, South Africa, we cater for discerning adventurers who want a no-compromise African experience. We provide for all your needs - from propliner and ground transportation, to accommodation and excursions. Our destinations and activities can be customised to meet the needs of any group - whether fact-finding or study, special interest, exploration or vacation.

Our founder Captain Flippie Vermeulen pioneered long-distance travel in Africa, and our crews are not only experienced in African and European aviation, but are familiar with local conditions throughout Africa. With our solid relationships and network of exotic destinations, we have the experience and ability to venture safely far from standard routes into the African interior. 

Our Background   

Captain Flippie Vermeulen founded private propliner flying safaris in Africa. He founded the South African Airways Historic Flight in 1990 and Springbok Classic Air in 2001, and since then has proved that a team of highly skilled personnel can operate classic propliners in remote areas and on trans-ocean flights with perfect safety. 

Captain Vermeulen has been flying since 1967 and was in the employment of South African Airways from 1970 till 2011. He ended his career in the airways as a flight instructor on the Airbus A340's on the international service. He is rated on nearly 100 different aircraft types, from antique biplanes to the latest jet airliners. His aviation milestones include numerous propliner voyages from Cape to Cairo and beyond, as far as the North Cape of Norway and the United States of America. 

Africa by Air

Africa's vastness and diverse attractions can only be fully explored by our specialized tours.  More than three times larger than Europe or the USA, Africa offers a breathtaking range of attractions, which are best discovered by air, and away from conventional routes. 

Classic prop-liners are ideal for exploring Africa's scenic wonders at low altitude. Comfortably cruising above a coastline, river or mountain pass, your journey becomes as enjoyable as your destination. Migrating herds of elephant, rolling bushveld, towering mountain ranges, sand dunes, rivers, islands and geological features are all spectacularly revealed at low altitude.     

Your Stay In Africa

On landing your journey of discovery continues - remote lakeshores and islands, intimate lodges and camps, awe-inspiring landscapes and wildlife, fascinating local history and culture. We offer the ultimate African adventure - a specialised voyage of discovery by air for travellers wishing to experience authentic Africa.

We have pioneered the use of classic propliners, combining the ambience of a bygone era with modern facilities and comforts, creating a discerning African experience which is rare to find.

We believe that to discover Africa's most fascinating secrets, we must leave behind well-beaten tracks and flight paths. However, at even the most remote locations, our guests stay in premier luxury lodges, hotels and camps, ensuring comfort and safety at all times.  
Our flying safaris appeal to curious and energetic adventurers who will delight in discovering the real Africa. Our itineraries explore Africa's most spectacular scenery and wildlife, whilst our expert guides are steeped in the history, culture, wildlife and politics of each of the countries we visit. 

With so much to see and do in Africa, we aim to leave you with memories for a lifetime.