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We are privileged to operate a rare fleet of Aircraft that have slowly over time become some of the last of their kind in Africa and around the world, which makes it our duty to ensure we can share these rare and historically significant machines with fellow Aviators who have a fine taste for the romance of vintage air travel.

We host Flying Safaris on our elegant Beech-18 and Douglas DC-3 propliners to remote, unspoiled locations all over Southern Africa in complete luxury. Our guests are presented with a hassle-free travel experience where all their needs are fully catered for without compromise.

We provide pilot training for aspiring aviators, from the Private Pilots License with Springbok Air Academy, to Instrument Rating, A330 and B737 Type Ratings With Springbok Air Academy Advanced, and Tailwheel Endorsements and ratings on Classic Propliners with Springbok Air Academy Old School.

We offer on-site accommodation at our Hangar at Rand-Airport in the wonderful 3-Star  Dakota Lodge, which is perfectly suited for business accommodations, conferences, or a quick layover for passengers in transit on their Flying Safaris with Springbok Classic Air.

Springbok Aviation Services can cater for your hangarage and aircraft maintenance needs, while our hangar is wonderfully suited to host corporate functions which are fully organised and catered for by Edith Venter Promotions.

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"There’s a big difference between a pilot and an aviator. One is a technician, the other is an artist in love with flight."

Capt E. B. Jeppesen